Residency Projects

Boorhaman Residency | Spring 2017

Artist Profile:
Chaco Kato 

Chaco Kato’s work explores across many mediums from installation to small drawing, but essentially her signature medium is a large-scale shelter-like installation making use of various types of string. Traditionally, string is a material associated with craft, which she uses to explore its further possibilities as art.

She is also an instigator of Slow Art Collective, which embraces collaboration, community engagement and sustainability. Breaking down barriers between artist and audience, employing a collaborative creative process rather than having pre-planned outcomes and integrating the work with an existing context are all central to her artistic practice.

Kato’s work exemplifies a radical freedom of form and improvisation which resonates with the Deconstructivists and Punk roots. Ever new ideas arise from each new body of work, evolving her previous working processes.”

                                                                                                                                                         Chaco Kato

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