About Residency Projects

Residency Projects Inc. is a Not For Profit (NFP) cultural organisation directed by artists and cultural workers Eugene Howard and Kate Hill. Residency Projects exists to create time, place and space, for artists and small-to-medium arts and cultural organisations, to research and develop projects and ideas.

Residency Projects operates across art forms and into the realm of community cultural development. The key focus of Residency Projects rests on nurturing dialogues between diverse communities through creative practice; we prioritise place, ecology and community and have at our heart a profound ethic of care and custodianship.

Residency Projects devises major creative projects and works collaboratively with artists around forums and special events. Residency Projects is an emerging and already critically recognised organisation, driving innovative programs beyond urban centers, aiming to shift and re-focus contemporary dialogues around issues of place, ecology, culture and communities. We work slowly, consult widely, think deeply and deliver projects when we see distinct need or opportunity. 

Residency Projects Inc 2018. Incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 Sect 8 (no. A0103032S). Residency Projects Inc. is a Not For Profit Charity registered with the ACNC.